ArtfulBits SharePoint Components and Web PartsArtfulBits SharePoint Components and Web Parts

ArtfulBits SharePoint Components and Web Parts

ArtfulBits is marketing own SharePoint components and web parts for more than 5 years. Our SharePoint products line contains more than 25 developer components with different prices and functionality. They are well recognized on the market due to their stability, quality, high level of support, and of course by prominent license model.

Complex Solutions

Push Message Web Part is intended to enable communication with the users of SharePoint web site by sending push messages to their mobile devices. This powerful tool has no limits in regards to the message quantity. The messages are easily created, and automatically stored after sending.

Shopping Cart enables ecommerce functionality. This web part provides a possibility to: exhibit items for sale, include basic information about the item, submit or resend an order and save the order in history. It allows categorizing of goods for sale. After submitting the order, an administrator will receive a message with details of order and contact the customer.

Complex Solutions


KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Column provides users with the ability to define and measure progress toward predefined goals and display current status by using easy-to-understand graphical indicators

Master Calendar Web Part can be used instead of built-in SharePoint Calendar. It provides the powerful capabilities for much more convenient events manipulation and team collaboration. ArtfulBits Master Calendar Web Part is user friendly and has simple interface (similar to standard SharePoint calendar), allowing users to easily create new calendar events with a single click.

Progress Column provide users with the ability to make SharePoint lists more visual by allowing displaying numerical data in the page of percentage-based progress bar. Column settings are specified in order to adjust the column to your needs (background color, progress color, text color, progress width, etc.)


Column Permissions - allows you to manage access to list content on column level. Permissions can be assigned for individual users and for SharePoint groups as well and are effective in forms and list views, as well as in the SharePoint Alerts, RSS, Datasheet and even during exporting to Excel and opening with Access.

Password Change Web Part allows users to change their own passwords from within the SharePoint environment using standard text box interface (current password, new password and confirm new password).

Password Expiration Web Part enables notification of Active Directory users through the Web Part user interface to change their password which is about to expire within a specified period of time.

Password Reset Web Part allows users to reset their forgotten passwords from within the SharePoint environment without administrator intervention.

Data Fusion

Data Fusion

Link to Document Column allows referencing files and folders placed at Document Library and provides easy and intuitive way to download files directly from column. Use this column to provide a browsing interface that allows users to browse to an object link, instead of typing an URL.

Lookup Columns Bundle significantly enhancing its functionalities in different scenarios versus Standard lookup functionality which provides minimum options for the user. By using our 3 components pack user can extend lookup functionality to its full potential. Cross-Site Lookup Column gets information from any site within site collection, applying list view filtering to retrieved data. Cascaded Lookup Column allows building relationship between parent and child columns, while Parent Selector Column is intended to lookup to self (containing list) in order to display hierarchical data.

Search Web Part allows you to build search filters easily for any List or Library on y

Therma-Flite, Inc.

Wir starteten unsere Webseiten mit SharePoint und hatten hohe Erwartungen. Leider war die ‚out-of-the-box‘-Installation mit vielen Fehler versehen. Viele Ideen konnten nicht ohne umfangreiche Programmierarbeiten umgesetzt werden. Wir haben sehr viel Zeit investiert, um einen passenden Dienstleister zu finden und haben mehrere ausprobiert. Zumeist sind wir auf unterentwickelte oder zu teure Lösungen gestoßen. ArtfulBits ist hierbei eine Ausnahme. Sie konnten uns genau die Webparts liefern, die für uns notwendig waren, sodass unser Management begeistert war. Nach einem Vergleich mit anderen Unternehmen kann ich getrost sagen, dass ArtfulBits die besten Lösungen für SharePoint bietet und das zu fairen Preisen.

Therma-Flite, Inc. / Preston Whitney

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