Remote control app for CryoSaunaRemote control app for CryoSauna

Remote control app for CryoSauna

Cryosauna is a medical device in form of a chamber. During therapy it applies cold dry air to patient’s body. The temperature inside the cabin can range from -110°C to -190°C and the procedure lasts for no more than few minutes. It is beneficial for pain treatment, skin care, and mental well-being improvement.

What does mobile app do?

The cryosauna devices are primarily operated by touch screen displays embedded into the chamber wall. To overcome some inconveniences, iOS and Android mobile apps were developed. Apps utilize seamless connection and synchronization with cryosauna controller via WiFi connection. App operators are able to set temperature, cooling duration, and timer. This way procedure can be managed and monitored remotely from another room, without disturbing privacy of patient.

What does mobile app do?

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